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Parvum Systems S2.0 Micro ATX Case - White with Blue

Parvum Systems S2.0 Micro ATX Case - White with Blue

Parvum Systems S2.0 WH/BL CAP-S20WHBL £106.46(Exc VAT)£127.75(Inc VAT)
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Made completely 5mm high quality acrylic the case is super sleek and beautifully engineered. Each case is individually cut. These are shipped flat packed with full assembly instructions.

Due to Parvum constantly upgrading and updating their designs, some small aesthetic changes may occur.

The Parvum S2.0 is an evolution of the popular S1.0 with a host of new features and improvements over their first product range. Many of the features have been included as a result of feedback from the fast growing Parvum user base.

The technology that Parvum use to create these individual masterpieces has recently been massively upgraded which results in an even higher level of precision on the S2.0 case.

The S2.0 adds case feet which are an integral part of chassis design rather than just an optional add on or an afterthought. This adds to the premium feel of the case and gives a stable desktop footprint to your Parvum build.

USB3.0 headers on the front of the case compliment any modern motherboard and add to the carefully designed user experience. This discreet set of ports offer increased functionality without compromising the look of the case.

The S2.0 boasts an extra 15mm of height above the motherboard to enable thicker performance radiators and cooling solutions to be integrated into your build for unparalleled cooling potential in a small form factor chassis.

Improvements in materials for case windows using scratch resistant acrylic means that your Parvum stays looking fresh whilst keeping a glass like clarity.

Most importantly, Parvum Systems takes great pride in the sourcing of their raw materials choosing a high quality, European sourced recycled acrylic. This ensures minimal waste in the production process as well as being kinder to the environment.


  • Item Code : CAP-S20WHBL
  • Item : Parvum Systems S2.0 Micro ATX Case - White with Blue
  • Brand/Model : Parvum Systems S2.0 WH/BL
  • Colour : White and Blue
  • Internal 3.5” Bays : Two
  • Rear Expansion Card Slots : Four
  • Side Window : Yes
  • Weight : 3.000 Kg

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